We'd like to weave for you the web of BobbiRush. She is the skilled product of two DIY Artists. Her first craft is listening which led to vocal performance - singing since the age of 3 and later, songwriting. 
She has studied under and worked alongside many local and world renowned performers. ( BeBe & CeCe Winans, Adam Blackstone, James Murphy, Phil Bryant Shabazz Palaces, Kandice Springs, JPegMafia, Charlie Wilson). 

BobbiRush has Authored and self published 5 books. ( 3 which are out of print).  Her writing has a femme centered approach. Each body of work, in their own way is introspective and speculative about life.  Her writing explores nature as God, the body as an often changing, experimental thing- but sacred too.  

BobbiRush is a beading Ceramist, working with clay for 6 years in a project titled WaterIsAMothafucka. In this act of service she's adorned more than 100 human beings with wearble clay jewels. 

Drawing and Visual art is another form of expression that acts as a bridge in her world of creativity. Bobbi fuses her drawings and paintings with her growing skill in graphic design- giving them a place in the digital world. 

Bobbi is a host. Through her writing she prepares virtual or in person studies  for the public. The Crow Clarified uses her book Language Of The Crow as a tool for self and shared reflection. she is currently building out new , refined curriculums to share and grow in.

BobbiRush is a Founder. 

TheBlueFaceProject (2015)  is for all expressions labeled Art. We communicate creative wellness. Creative wellness sustains us all. It works as a spiritual practice in our daily living. That which we can not always say, we express through writing , craft , design , attire , thought , movement , sound , and vision. 


Join us. Be Blue.